Mobile Home Insurance Ireland

When you purchase a mobile home one of the first things you will need is mobile home insurance, as you become the owner of quite a valuable possession. It is therefore vitally important to make sure that your property (Caravan / Mobile Home) is adequately covered. We also offer immediate cover and protection for your caravan / mobile home on acceptance of our quotation. Our quotation systems check for the best prices available to us from across the Insurance Market. We then offer you the most competitive price available within the market for your specific needs. If you wish to contact our offices by phone on 074 9721 304 during office hours (Monday to Friday), we will check for you at the current most competitive prices available for your particular insurance requirements.

If you require insurance ‘on the spot’, we can provide you with cover instantly and issue you all documentation and certificates, there and then. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer you ‘independent quotations’ at the most competitive prices available from within the ‘mobile home’ insurance market.

We offer mobile home insurance from as little as €210

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Mobile Home Insurance

Helpful Hints!

  • You should not insure your mobile home for just the market value, you should always insure your Mobile Home for the full reinstatement value of the property.
  • Remember to note individual ‘Non Standard’ valuable items on your policy, i.e., Jewellery, Electrical Equipment, etc.
  • The value of your mobile home should reflect the cost of the mobile home itself and the reinstatement value.
  • Note* Some underwriters offer an additional discount on your insurance policy if you have both your Home Insurance and Car Insurance with the same underwriter.
  • Make sure you avail of any discounts offered for having Smoke Alarms, Neighbourhood Watch or Security Systems installed.
* Please confirm that you are in agreement with our privacy statement and that you agree to the use of your information for the purpose of processing a quote.
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Compare Mobile Home Insurance Quotes in Ireland

Get the Right Mobile Home Cover at the Right Price

Buying mobile home insurance in Ireland can be overwhelming given the several benefits and features to consider. At Britton Insurance, we aim to simplify this process for you.

We take care of your van so you can take care of your business.

Our experienced insurance agents will work with you to understand your requirements and compare numerous different insurers to get you the best quote for you. We make sure your mobile home is appropriately covered without compromising any of the benefits.

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Mobile Home Insurance Ireland – Benefits at a Glance

Here are some of the many benefits, we can bring to the table:

  • Cover for unoccupied periods.
  • Optional accidental damage cover for tenants and family.
  • Protection for hot tubs.
  • Choose from Market Value or New for Old cover.
  • Cover for vandalism or malicious damage.
  • Low policy excess
  • Aerials, fittings, fixtures and dishes covered.
  • Cover for storm damage (the mobile home must be stayed/anchored to the ground).
  • Claim assistance.
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