House Insurance

As a home owner you need to protect your most valuable possession with the appropriate house insurance policy. With the correct house insurance cover you can have peace of mind that your house is fully protected. At Britton Insurance and Co. Ltd we have the facility to quote and give cover for house insurance immediately. By contacting our offices by phone, we can provide you with the best quotations available to us from up to 10 Insurers across the insurance market.

If you need insurance on the spot, we will be able to provide this cover instantly and issue documentation there and then. This choice should be contrasted with phoning an insurer directly, where one phone call provides you with only one quote.

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Home Insurance in Ireland

Helpful Tips

  • Remember to insure your home for the full reinstatement value and not the market value.
  • Remember to note individual ‘Non Standard’ valuable items on your policy, i.e., Jewellery, Electrical Equipment, etc.
  • The building value should reflect the full cost of the home itself along with the garage, garden shed, boundary walls, etc.
  • Additional discounts are sometimes available, in certain circumstances, if both your Car and Home Insurance are insured with the same underwriter.
  • If both your Home insurance Ireland and Car Insurance are held with the same underwriter sometimes underwriters offer additional discounts.
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House Insurance Ireland

Buying House Insurance in Ireland Made Simple

Are you looking for great value house insurance Ireland? Britton Insurance can help. We specialise in making house insurance easy and fair with every benefit you expect and a lot more! We reduce your house insurance cost, not your cover.

Your house is your most cherished asset and you want to make sure it’s covered in every situation possible. Buying insurance through Britton Insurance ensures peace of mind. We work with you to put together a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Request an online house insurance quote in Ireland in minutes.

Alternatively, call our Irish-based insurance helpline on 074 9721 304.


Why Work with a House Insurance Broker in Ireland

  • Unbiased

An insurance broker isn’t biased against or towards any specific insurer. As your brokers, Britton Insurance works with your needs in mind to ensure you receive maximum value from your house insurance policy.

  • Independent Advice

A broker is independent and provides advice on the entire market.

  • Personal Touch

A house insurance broker values the customer and takes the time to understand your requirements.

  • Choice

Your Irish broker has complete access to the insurance market and can provide you abundant choice. Insurers might not always offer every kind of cover when you work directly with them. As your brokers, we will discuss all the options available to you so you can make an informed choice.

  • Service Standards

A broker has in-depth information about the market and every insurance provider. We can help you choose a provider and a product that ensures the best service for our customers.

  • Your Broker is an Expert

Insurance brokers specialise in what they do. They know ins and outs of the market. They know of every possible way you can reduce your house insurance policy costs and help you choose a plan that covers your risk completely.

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Why Choose Britton Insurance?

  • Fabulous House Insurance Benefits

Britton Insurance offers an array of house insurance benefits that are tailored to suit your requirements at competitive prices.

  • Fantastic Customer Service

Whether you have a question, need a quick quote or need help choosing the right policy, our friendly customer care team is available for assistance. Our team specialises in house insurance and can expertly answer any questions you might have.

  • Independent Advice

We take the time to listen to your requirements and provide sound advice to help you choose a house insurance policy that best suits your needs.

  • Experienced Team

We have been in the insurance industry since 1972. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of home owners secure their house at affordable prices.

  • Easy Payment Plan

When you work with Britton Insurance, paying for your house insurance becomes easy. We offer split payments and monthly direct debits

  • Claims Assistance

We are here for you whenever you need assistance. We will help you at every step of your insurance claims.


Secrets to Lowering Your House Insurance Cost in Ireland

  • Did you know that buying a two-year house insurance policy can save up to 15% compared to buying two one-year policies?
  • You can reduce premium by securing your house. Install burglar and smoke alarms and see the premiums go down.
  • You could save more than €300 simply by choosing an insurance broker instead of dealing with your bank.
  • Value your contents appropriately. Over-valuing the contents can increase your premium. But at the time of a claim, your insurer would only pay at a value they deem fit for the contents insured. Similarly, avoid undervaluing your contents.
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Request Your House Insurance Quote in Ireland Now

If you are looking for an affordable house insurance policy without sacrificing the level of cover, get in touch with Britton Insurance today. Request a quote to see how much you can save on your house insurance policy.

Submit your details online or call our insurance specialists at 074 9721 304.

* Please confirm that you are in agreement with our privacy statement and that you agree to the use of your information for the purpose of processing a quote.