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At Britton Insurance we offer excellent value Home Insurance at the most competitive rates available within the insurance market. It is vitally important that you (as a home owner) make sure that your property is adequately insured. Britton Insurance use our advanced quotation system to find the most competitive prices available for your specific needs. Our systems search across the market for the best quotation available from a cross section of up to 10 Insurers. If you wish to avail of our fast competitive quotation we can give you cover for your home insurance immediately, we can even issue your documentation there and then.

We offer fast competitive quotations with ‘on the spot’ cover, if required. As an independent company with no ties to any one Institution or Insurance Company we can guarantee our customers that we will endeavour to find the best possible quotation available to us for their specific insurance requirements.

Home Insurance in Ireland

Helpful Tips

  • Remember to insure your home for the full reinstatement value and not the market value.
  • Remember to note individual ‘Non Standard’ valuable items on your policy, i.e., Jewellery, Electrical Equipment, etc.
  • The building value should reflect the full cost of the home itself along with the garage, garden shed, boundary walls, etc.

  • Additional discounts are sometimes available, in certain circumstances, if both your Car and Home Insurance are insured with the same underwriter.
  • If both your Home insurance Ireland and Car Insurance are held with the same underwriter sometimes underwriters offer additional discounts.

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Home Insurance in Ireland with Excellent Benefits

Looking for the right home insurance plan in Ireland ? Britton Insurance is right by your side.

We know how important it is to secure your property from unforeseen events and prepare for the worst. We are committed to helping you find a policy that will provide you with complete peace of mind and assurance.

We are here to help you choose the best home insurance in Ireland. We bring to you competitively priced insurance policies that come with excellent benefits.


Choose Home Insurance in Ireland That’s Perfect for You

  • Buildings Only Insurance

This policy insures various types of structural damage to your property. This usually includes doors, roof, walls, windows, permanent fittings like kitchen fittings, tiled floors and hardwood floors. It can also cover domestic outhouses and domestic garages, the sum insured needs to reflect this.

  • Contents Only Insurance

This type of policy can include when cover requested & granted damage or loss to your cherished belongings such as electronics, antiques, jewellery, clothing, furniture, expensive valuables, instruments and more. If you are renting, this is the ideal home insurance policy for you.

  • Buildings and Contents Insurance

This policy covers your home as well as your belongings. This is the most comprehensive home insurance policy that assures you of total cover.

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Benefits of Home Insurance in Ireland by Britton Insurance

To ensure you have a policy that meets your requirements, we can work with the insurer to customise your policy for additional benefits like:

  • Accidental damage cover

This policy insures accidents such as putting your foot through the attic floor or spilling paint on the carpet – oops!,

  • Fire brigade cover

This option will help to cover charges a fire brigade may charge the policy holder. Make sure that your policy has all of the correct cover you require.

  • New for old cover

This cover allows you to replace goods that are damaged, lost or stolen with new items of equivalent value.

  • Cost of alternative accommodation

If your home becomes uninhabitable because of storm, fire or flooding, this option covers the rent you might have to pay or owed while the issue is sorted out for you.

  • Credit card cover

This covers unauthorised use of your credit cards. This could be extended to debit cards, bank cash cards, cheques, charges or/and credit cards.

  • Personal accident cover

This option provides cover for you, your partner/spouse as well as children under 18. It covers injuries arising from an accident.

  • Personal belongings cover

This policy provides cover for damage or loss to personal belongings you normally bring outside of your home such as laptop, camera or watch.

All of the above covers would have limits on the amount covered specific to the policy.


Why Choose Britton Insurance for Home Insurance Cover in Ireland

At Britton Insurance, we have a team of professional insurance agents who’ve been providing insurance advice to Irish homeowners since 1972.

We are here to make the process of getting a home insurance policy easy and hassle-free.

Did you know that most home insurance policies can be set up within minutes with a consultation call with our specialists?

Over the years, we’ve built special relationship with all leading Irish insurers. This means we can offer fantastic policies at great prices.

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Compare Home Insurance Quotes

With Britton Insurance, comparing home insurance quotes and policies is easy, quick and simple. Simply fill out some essential details about your property (location, type, security details, claims history) and submit our quote form.

As soon as we receive your request for a quote, our home insurance specialists will get back to you in no time with all your options and the different quotes. Our consultants will take the time to listen to your requirements to help you choose a policy that’s right for you.

Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

* Please confirm that you are in agreement with our privacy statement and that you agree to the use of your information for the purpose of processing a quote.