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At Britton we endeavour find the best possible quotation available for commercial property insurance in Ireland. As an independent company with no ties to any one institution or insurance company, we will endeavour to find the most competitive cover available to us, specific to each individual’s commercial insurance needs. Our commercial insurance cover offers commercial property owners insurance at the most competitive prices available on the market.

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Commercial Property Owners

Britton Insurance offers the best commercial property owners insurance quotes available to them in Ireland.

If you own your commercial premises, you will want to ensure your property and business operations are well protected.

With over 40 years of industry experience, we offer a fast, effective and professional service.

Our insurance specialists will take the time to understand your requirements to suggest the best-suited commercial property owner insurance cover for you.

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Protect your Investment with Commercial Property Insurance Ireland

A commercial property owner insurance is designed to protect your interest in a single, comprehensive policy while offering excellent value for money. It protects your business against loss of or physical damage to your property assets.

In the case of disasters like explosion, vandalism, fire or theft, property insurance can help cover the cost of replacing or repairing the damaged business property in addition to compensating for loss of rent. This will allow your business to continue operations with minimum disruption.

Who Needs Commercial Property Owners Insurance?

If you or your business owns a property that’s rented, tenanted or unoccupied, it’s important to protect your investment against financial loss occurring. You also need protection against legal liability claims as the landlord or the owner of the property.


What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

Commercial property owners in Ireland often take insurance cover for the following types of events:

  • Loss of Rent

This protects your rental income when there’s a claim and your rental income is reduced as a result of this claim. It could be the result of an insurable disaster, for example, Fire or storm.

  • Employers Liability

You are protected against any claims from employees with respect to your legal liability as the property owner for personal injury or death arising during their employment, for example, someone hired by you to carry out refurbishment of the property.

  • Property Owners Liability

This cover protects you against any legal claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for property damage or personal injury arising out of the ownership of the property.

  • Public Liability

Covers your business property when injury or damage is caused to individuals or their property.

  • Business Interruption

Protects you for any loss of profits after your property is closed or damaged as a result of an event you’re insured for (such as storm or fire damage).

  • Fire and Defined Events

Covers your commercial premises from damage to buildings, stocks, equipment and tools by fire, malicious damage and/or natural disasters like storms. This covers any contents supplied by you the property owner.

Competitive Prices for Commercial Property Insurance.

At Britton Insurance we offer competitive commercial property and property owners insurance. We shop the market to offer competitive property insurance. Regardless of the tenancy, whether fully or partially occupied/ unoccupied, residential, commercial or a mix, it’s our business to find the best competitive quotation suitable to your property.

Contact Britton Insurance today to cover your Irish commercial property against unforeseen disasters and damages. Call 074 9721 304 now.

* Please confirm that you are in agreement with our privacy statement and that you agree to the use of your information for the purpose of processing a quote.
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