Car Insurance In Ireland

At Britton Insurance, we offer fast, competitive car insurance quotations for your specific needs. Our advanced quotation system check for the best prices available to us for your specific requirements for car insurance in Ireland from across the insurance market. As an independent company with no ties to any one Institution or Insurance Company, we can guarantee our customers that we will endeavour find the best possible quotation available to us for Car Insurance in Ireland for their specific needs. Our computer systems are constantly scanning the Car Insurance Ireland market for the most up to the minute prices available, so that we can give our customers the best cover available at the best prices currently on the market. Britton Insurance endeavour to find the most competitive prices available for each and every individual customers car insurance needs.

If you require ‘on the spot’ car insurance cover, we can provide you with instant cover and issue you with all documentation and certificates on acceptance of our competitive car insurance quotation. Use our ‘Quote Me Now’ button below.

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What you should know

  • Is there a “Driving of Other Cars” extension on your car insurance policy.

  • What is the monetary excess on your car insurance policy.

  • Is there a No Claim Bonus Protection or a Step Back No Claim bonus Protection on your policy (which is very beneficial in the event of a claim)?

  • Is the correct class of use selected for you if you use your vehicle in connection with your work?

  • Have you a Motor Assistance of Breakdown Assist on your Policy?

  • Have you a Windscreen cover on your Policy without effecting your No Claims Bonus?

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What you should know about your Car Insurance Ireland!

Looking for car insurance quote? Look no further than Britton Insurance, as we will endeavour to find the best prices available to us for your car insurance in Ireland requirements.

Car insurance in Ireland offered by Britton Insurance is all about you and what matters to you. We put your needs above everything else and bring to you some of the best car insurance policies at the best prices available to us.

Compare Car Insurance in Ireland

At Britton Insurance, we understand how tricky things can become when comparing insurance policies. With so many choices, options and add-ons, making a decision can become difficult.

Don’t worry one bit for we are here to help. Our car insurance specialists can walk you through all your options before providing a car insurance quote for you. Simply call our office on 074 9721 304 and one of our team will outline all of the options available to you.

There are primarily three main types of car insurance covers – third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive. The type of policy you choose will depend on a variety of factors like age of the vehicle, value, cover levels and the premium.

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Third Party Car Insurance Ireland

A third party car insurance cover is the minimum requirement legally. This policy insures you for claims brought against you by another party owing to damaged caused by your car. However, this policy doesn’t cover theft of or damage to your own vehicle. If you meet with an accident, you would have to pay for the damages and repairs yourself.

Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance Ireland

This car insurance policy will insure you for all the above benefits as well as damage to your vehicle for fire and theft.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This type of policy offers the widest coverage. A comprehensive cover might be worth considering if your car is valued at over €2,000 or more. The benefits of a comprehensive policy is that some comprehensive car insurance policies can also include breakdown insurance, windscreen and glass cover, cover for driving another owner’s car (if you have their permission, of course) and theft or damage to personal belongings. Please check your policy coverage closely when purchasing your cover to make sure that your policy has all of the correct cover you require.

Our car insurance specialist will also help work out the finer details of your insurance policy including policy excess. This is the amount you will have to pay when you want to make a claim.
How to Choose the Best Car Insurance in Ireland

When it comes to car insurance in Ireland, we do not take “one size fits all approach”. We compare car insurance quotes from several leading insurance companies to help you choose one that best suits your requirements.

From key replacement and windscreen protection to protected no claims bonus discount and breakdown assistance, we offer policies with a number of useful features. So, no matter your individual needs, we are here to help you find a car insurance policy that’s right for you.

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