The impact of the coronavirus pandemic will be felt for many years to come, not least in the effect it has had on our working practices. A survey by NUI Galway has shown that 95% of people would like to continue with remote working in some form, either full time or just a few days a week. But are you confident that you have sufficient coverage that – if the worst happened and you needed to make a claim – you could replace your essential work equipment to the same specification? Here are some things to bear in mind.

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Is everything listed?

It’s important to detail individual ‘Non-standard’ valuable items in your home, such as laptops and other electronic equipment. This means that, in the event of loss through burglary or fire, you can be confident of getting back to work with all the equipment you need.

Is accidental damage covered?

It’s not uncommon for electrical devices, and particularly mobile ones, to meet an untimely end thanks to a stray cup of tea. Check exactly what your policy covers and if you would qualify for a replacement in the case of accidental damage.

Consider ‘New for old’ coverage

This cover allows you to replace goods that are damaged, lost or stolen with new items of equivalent value.

Have you splashed out on a high-spec workstation?

Spending hours at a desk can impact your health, with back ache and repetitive strain injury just a couple of issues that can affect office workers. Quality, ergonomically designed furniture can maximise comfort and safety, but often comes with a higher price tag, so make sure it’s listed on your policy.

Are you covered when out of the house?

Even when working from home, it’s necessary to head out to meetings or interviews. Personal Belongings Cover insures damage or loss to personal belongings that you typically would bring outside of your home, such as a laptop or camera.

Check stand-alone structures

Many homeowners have independent writing sheds, garages or office cabins to work from. Check your policies cover both rebuilding costs of the structure itself, and the contents within. You may need to upgrade your security system to get the best value.

Over the years, Britton Insurance has built a special relationship with all the leading Irish insurers. This means we can offer fantastic policies at great prices, perfectly tailored to your circumstances. A Contents Only policy may work best for renters, whereas homeowners may get the best value from a combined Buildings & Contents package.

4 ways to avoid making a claim

  1. Avoid trip hazards. Those without a home office have to improvise, but if you’re working from the kitchen table, try to avoid draping cables where they might get caught and bring your kit crashing to the ground.
  2. Be vigilant around pets. It’s great to have company from a dog or cat, but think about keeping them in a separate room while you’re working to avoid damage – from a spilled drink, for example.
  3. Plan to take breaks. It’s easy to be more ‘on call’ when you work from home, but don’t be tempted to carry your laptop from office to bathroom to kitchen in an effort to be always available. Take scheduled breaks and leave your kit in place to avoid damage from water or being dropped.
  4. Don’t overload electrical sockets. Try to use one socket per plug, or if you have to use an extension lead, choose one with a surge protector and unplug it when not in use.

Most home insurance policies can be set up within minutes with a consultation call with our specialists, so get in touch to see how we can help.