What to do before you renew pic

We all take insurance for granted, and often only really consider the finer details should we be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. There is more to insuring your car than you might think – insurance companies tailor policies to suit an individual’s requirements, and offer discounts by combining cover, add-ons, features and special offers. The insurance market is constantly updating packages in an effort to offer better cover and prices, so it’s worth shopping around every year. Here is our five-step plan to get the best deal.

1. Review what you currently have

Make sure your current requirements are still covered by your policy. Check out the add-ons that are part of your coverage and ensure you don’t have any you don’t need. Add-ons are useful in many cases, but it’s important to only pay for something that you actually need. For example, your policy might include roadside assistance or breakdown cover – if you are separately covered for this, take it off the policy. Similarly, if you have a second car at your disposal you might not need a rental car when your primary vehicle is off the road, so remove it from your policy.

2. Shop around for quotes

It may be reassuring to stick with the same insurance company, but loyalty doesn’t always reap rewards. Once you have decided what coverage your car needs, review the service offered by your current insurer. Often, your current quote will be the highest you receive. You might find an insurer that can offer the same coverage at a lower cost, or that your existing insurer can offer a better deal if you ask.

3. Avoid auto-renewal

When you receive your renewal notice, try to act immediately. It’s easy to file it away ‘to do later’ and then forget all about it, but to let a policy auto-renew costs you in the long term. With most of the offers and discounts aimed at new customers, it’s wise to keep away from automatically renewing your policy until you’ve checked that this is the best deal they can offer. Don’t let your coverage lapse, though. Driving a car without insurance is against the law, plus a break in renewal might be viewed by the insurer as a higher risk to them, and may result in a higher premium.

4. Compare quotes

Firstly, go to your existing provider and see what is the best price they can offer. If you are keen to stay with your current provider, don’t settle for the first quote they send. Feel free to negotiate to see what is the best they can do. Then get in touch with multiple other insurers and ask for a quote for the same level of coverage. Don’t forget that your No Claims Bonus transfers with you if you switch providers, so make sure this is accounted for in your quotes. You might be surprised at what savings are available.

5. Speak to the experts

Using an insurance broker means you get the benefit of their experience of the market. They will do all the legwork for you to get the best coverage for you at the lowest price available to them from across the whole of the Irish motor insurance market. Once they have multiple quotes, they can negotiate with the insurers on your behalf to find the best deal. Britton Insurance is a highly renowned Irish car insurance broker with many years’ experience in the market. Our specialists will work with you to find coverage that suits your personal requirements and budget.