From securing the perfect premises and getting a licence to finding staff and encouraging customers through the door, running a pub can be a series of challenges. But finding the right insurance doesn’t need to be one of them. Insurers classify establishments differently within the categories of Outdoor & Indoor Pubs, Wine Bars, Nightclubs, Function & Event Venues, and Late Night Venues. Here are a few things to consider if you are looking for new insurance or want to shop around for a better deal.

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Public and Products Liability

The heady mix of crowds and alcohol means landlords are particularly susceptible to claims by members of the public. If someone on your premises slips on a spilt drink or cuts themselves on a broken glass, you could find yourself liable. Public liability will cover you for legal expenses and any compensation payout resulting from the claim. Products liability often comes hand in hand with Public and covers you if you sell a defective product that results in injury – an incorrectly prepared meal that causes food poisoning, for example.

Employers Liability

Equally, if one of your members of staff is injured at work, you’ll need cover against any claims that might arise in the event that you are found to be negligent. Ensure coverage also extends to temporary workers that you may need to employ at busier times of the year or for special events.

Business Interruption or Consequential Loss Cover

If you are unable to trade due to events beyond your control such as a storm, your livelihood and means of making a living disappear. This cover will provide a supplementary income for a set amount of time. While other insurances cover the cost of reinstating damaged property, contents or stock, they don’t include the bills you still need to pay such as rent, rates, wages, transport, or hire of alternative premises – which is where this kind of policy takes over. Obviously, given the turmoil over the recent couple of years, this cover has a lot of terms and conditions so make sure you review it or speak to your insurance advisor at Britton Insurance about what options are available.

Contents insurance

Fitting out a pub is an expensive business, and you want that investment to be protected if something goes wrong. As well as the fixtures and fittings, think about cover for loss of expensive equipment and your stock, including frozen food if applicable. Check what kinds of loss is covered – from fire and weather damage to theft and vandalism.

Special considerations for tenants

If you are a tenant, it falls on the landlord to take out Buildings Insurance on the property to cover the cost of damage. However this will not cover any modifications you may have made to the property, such as installing partitions. If you have made these kinds of improvements, ensure they are included on your Tenants Contents insurance as the landlord is not responsible for replacing them in the event of a fire or other peril.

Depending on your circumstances, there may be other elements you’d like covered such as Loss of License or computer systems. Pubs that have a late license, offer live music, karaoke or have children’s play areas may also need specialist coverage for these activities. With such a range of situations to cover, it’s always worth seeking expert advice. At Britton Insurance, we’ve partnered with the leading business insurance companies in Ireland to offer tailor-made policies that give you the exact cover you need. Our quotation systems check what is available to get you the right cover at the right price. Simply fill out our online quotation form to get your Pub Insurance quote in no time.