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Every business owner knows the importance of getting the right insurance in place.

Working in the beauty industry means working with chemicals and processes that can cause injury if improperly used or could cause the client to have a reaction. No matter how much training or experience you may have, things can go wrong which is why having Salon Insurance gives you peace of mind. You can run your salon without fear of costly compensation claims,  leaving you free to concentrate on making your clients look and feel great.


Employers’ Liability Insurance

The HSE states that all businesses need to safeguard their employees with Employers’ Liability cover in case of workplace accidents and illnesses, so it’s against the law not to have it. You are at risk of being fined if you don’t have it, and if you don’t display the certificate of insurance, too.


Treatment & Professional Liability Insurance

If a treatment provided by you causes harm to your client, you could be liable for compensation. Professional liability cover protects you and other beauticians you employ and pays for legal representation and damages.

Public Liability Insurance

If a client trips or falls on your property and hurts themselves, you could be held liable. Public liability cover helps in situations like these as it covers your legal costs and any compensation payments that may result.

Salon Insurance

Without the right tools, you won’t be able to work. So if your equipment or property is out of action you won’t be able to keep appointments or generate any income. You may also lose clients as they find an alternative provider in the meantime. Salon cover pays to repair or replace any damaged, lost or stolen equipment, and may cover the hire of temporary replacements, too. A note if you offer mobile services – check your policy covers portable equipment, too.


Cyber Insurance

Most salons now rely on digital booking systems, payment services and computerised storage for client data. This causes problems if the tech isn’t working as you can’t make bookings or access existing ones, and also leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cyber coverage helps by providing technical expertise to deal with a cyber attack and by covering your lost income. It also covers data breaches, paying to contact the people who have been affected and covering possible claims against you for allowing sensitive information to be revealed.

Business Interruption Insurance

If you are unable to open your salon – due to physical damage such as fire or flood, or cyber attack – you have no means of making a living and your income will inevitably suffer. Business Interruption cover helps you set up in alternative premises and covers lost earnings.


With so many choices, it really pays to speak to an experienced broker to get expert advice when choosing salon insurance. The team at Britton Insurance can create a policy that protects your business, employees, premises or any equipment and contents that you may have. We have policies that cover a variety of treatments, so et us take care of your concerns and ensure that you, your staff, your business and your patrons are covered.