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Setting up your home to make life easier and more convenient is a goal for many, but it’s easy to feel intimidated by the technology. A smart home has internet-connected appliances and devices that can be controlled remotely by the homeowner via a smartphone or tablet. Security access such as door locks and home monitors, thermostats, lighting and home entertainment can all form part of a smart home. 

Wireless systems are easy and cheap to install, but the downside is that you are likely to need strong Wi-Fi coverage and broadband service throughout the whole house. You may need range extenders to boost the signal if your house is large. And being internet-connected means smart homes can also be at risk of online security breaches and bugs. 

It is possible to add a few upgrades to your home that are simple and cost-effective to install. Here are a few of the most popular.


A smart doorbell, with a camera that can be accessed remotely to see who is on your step, has become one of the most popular upgrades to homes. It will alert you to callers to your home, let you know when packages arrive, and record footage of visitors which could be invaluable in the event of a break in.


Smart TVs are also a feature in most homes these days. It allows you to have apps on your TV, as you would on your phone, giving the user access to a huge quantity of online entertainment.


If you are looking for a quick update, smart plugs are a great choice. Controlled by a smartphone or voice assistants, smart plugs are great for scheduling when you would like a device or appliances to be switched on or off. Ensuring appliances are only on when they need to be is a great way to save electricity, and therefore money!

Light bulbs

Installing a smart light bulb allows you to do much more than simply switch it on and off. Many can be scheduled, and even change the colours depending on the occasion.


Many smart homes can be refitted with modern security kits. This includes motion sensor detectors that operate when individuals should not be home, home monitoring, notifications and alerts of suspicious activity, and even the ability to lock doors or windows remotely.

Voice assistants

Smart speakers such as Google Nest or Amazon Echo can be linked to work with other smart devices, such as those listed above, to control them simply with a voice command. You can also play music, listen to podcasts or ask questions on anything you can imagine!

Protect your tech

If you have invested in the latest technology, you’ll want to be sure it’s protected in the event of damage or loss. Speaking to an experienced broker such as Britton Insurance about house insurance will give you peace of mind that your property is adequately covered. It’s also worth shopping around for a new quote if you have upgraded the security in your home, as this may result in a drop in the cost of your premium.