You’ve put in a lot of ‘hard work’ into growing your business… Correct ? So naturally, you expect your insurance broker to put in the ‘hard work’ to help get the best insurance cover to protect your business. At Britton Insurance, we understand that every business is unique and requires different types of cover to address each businesses specific activities. Here at Brittion Insurance we have a highly experience team of business insurance brokers who know the industry inside out. We can provide you with a customised business insurance solutions to meet your businesses specific requirements.

Whether you are looking for SME insurance or large business insurance, we have all the knowledge to get you covered. We work with leading insurers to deliver the best solutions for our clients. Our business insurance specialists know how to provide maximum cover for your business and provide the right solutions for your Public Liability, Property and Motor Insurance requirements.

(Tip 1) Carry Out an Insurance Review

Before you start always do a full review and assessment of your existing insurance policies in the light of your business activities and its current operations. After all, the market conditions for insurance are dynamic and there are always opportunities for premium savings if you check around correctly.

Here’s how a performance review can help cut down your business insurance premium:

  • Suspending pending claims that could impact your premium negatively.
  • Eliminating repetitive or excess coverage.
  • Review insured risks – If your operations change in a way that changes your risk profile, your insurer will reduce your premium based on the lower risk exposure.
  • Using accurate/updated classification codes for specialised insurance policies.
Salon Insurance in Ireland by Britton Insurance

(Tip 2) Increase Revenue and Asset Security

Insurance is one of several ways to secure your assets. However, you can bring down the insurance premium by protecting your assets. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Regular electrical maintenance.
  • Install fire and security alarms.
  • Have security on the business premises 24/7.
  • Minimise the amount of cash kept on the premises.
  • Minimise the possibility of disruptions.

(Tip 3) Invest in People

Whether it is the public, your clients or your employees, be sure to put in place precautions that help avoid liability that causes insurance claims.
Occupational health and safety is important to reduce the risk of injury to staff. Train your staff in health and safety procedures to reduce their chances of injuries, which will further reduce the claims.

Place warning signs and boundaries for the public. Put in place quality control measures to reduce product liability.

(Tip 4) Use a Good Business Insurance Broker

Many people ‘incorrectly’ believe that an insurance broker will charge higher premiums than dealing direct with an insurance company. However, that’s NOT correct. A good insurance broker can save you a lot on money on your insurance renewal because they understand the market and the ‘ins and outs’ of the different policies / cover available. Those with experience in using Insurance Brokers will tell you the benefits and savings that come with using a good Irish Business insurance broker.

Here at Britton Insurance, we are your partners, and have your best interests in mind. We compare all leading business insurance Ireland policies to help find the best coverage available to us at competitive prices, and we don’t just to this for new customers but we extensively shop the market every year at your renewal. It is our business to look after your business

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