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While taking out insurance for your caravan or mobile home is not a legal requirement, protecting your property and the belongings in it with a good insurance policy is a good idea. Getting the right coverage can be confusing, so take time to research your options to ensure you find the right policy – at the right price.

What type of insurance do you need?

The difference between a caravan and mobile home matters. As you’ll be taking a caravan on the road, insurance will need to include cover for travel purposes, known as ‘touring cover’. As mobile homes are situated on a permanent site it probably won’t need touring cover. They are generally categorised as a ‘holiday home’ because they stay in one location and subsequently require ‘static’ insurance.

What is included – and excluded?

You’ll want to choose your cover based on your own requirements. At a minimum, check what the policy offers:

  • In the event of loss, are you covered for the market value of the vehicle or a ‘new for old’ replacement.
  • Is damage or loss due to theft, fire, storm and flood covered?
  • Are you covered for European touring? Are you covered if you travel further afield?
  • Are the contents covered?
  • You might be surprised at what may not be covered. Compare the policies to see:
  • If your mobile home awning is covered.
  • If you are covered for damage to the caravan while it’s being towed.
  • If valuable items such as laptops, video equipment and mobile phones are automatically included, or if you need to itemise these separately on the policy.
  • If there is a specific limit applied to the contents.
  • If the age of your vehicle has any effect on the cover.

What can you do to minimise the risks?

Towing a large caravan requires a lot of skill, especially if you are not used to the additional weight. It’s also essential to be vigilant around coupling the caravan to your car, as it would be disastrous if it became detached on the road. Think about registering with a driving school to learn how to drive while towing, manoeuvring, coupling and uncoupling, reversing and parking.

Structures like mobile homes and caravans are easier to break into than bricks-and-mortar houses, so your contents are at greater risk. Avoid bringing anything of a high value away with you, and leave it out of sight when you’re not in the caravan.

The vehicle itself is at risk of being stolen, so remember to park up in a safe location and secure your caravan well. As with cars, caravans can be fitted with alarms and immobilisers, plus you could attach a tracking device to help you recover it in the event of theft. Wheel locks, hitch locks and even ground anchors make it more difficult for a thief to tow your caravan, and are great deterrents.

Be sure to notify your insurer of any steps you take to reduce the risk of making a claim, as this might trigger a reduction in your premiums.

What are the benefits of using a broker?

Getting competitively priced caravan insurance is vitally important to protect your valuable investment. We understand that buying caravan insurance can be confusing. At Britton Insurance, we strive to make the entire process smooth, effortless and stress-free. One of our experienced caravan insurance advisors will take the time to understand your needs and compare several quotes to get you the best cover. We will discuss all your options before helping you choose the option that suits you the best. Whether you have a tight budget or need the best cover, we have your individual requirements at the top of our priorities.