Temperatures are dropping and now that it is the coldest time of the year, it is imperative to take extra care of your car and keep it in tip-top working condition. Here are a few pointers on how to maintain the health of your car and take care of it during Winter.

Wash your car regularly

During the cold winter months, your car is subjected to frequent rain, snow, ice, sand, mud, road salt and grease. Washing your car regularly is the easiest way to care for your cars external body work and under chassis. Wash and wax your car to prep it up for the winter months. Remove any stones, mud or leaves stuck in the crevices or tyres regularly.

Keep the car battery in good condition

Keep a check on your motor vehicle’s battery health during winter months. Winters in colder, damp regions can be harsh, and you should periodically examine your battery performance for strange noises, vibrations, fluid leaks or excessive heating up. Consider investing in a new battery if your car has a very old one.

Check your tyres

Harsh weather conditions can damage the standard car tyre. Get a set of good quality tyres to assist with good grip on wet, greasy, slippery, Irish winter roads. Good quality tyres will help give you ger a stronger grip which will in turn lead to safer driving. Good deep threads give you better control of the vehicle on motorways, secondary roads and back roads.

Make sure your tyres are properly inflated at all times. Cold temperatures can cause the tyre pressure to decrease. This can lead to faster wear and tear of the tyre, increased fuel consumption and difficulty in handling the car on the road.

Antifreeze checks

Antifreeze is one of the most important items to check in your car, during winter months. It prevents ice from forming in the radiator and other parts of the engine and ensures that you get better car performance in cold temperatures. Make sure you have the right amount of antifreeze that your car needs. If it is too low, it will cause issues, so it is best to take it to a local garage to have it checked by a mechanic.

Windshields and wipers

For a safe drive, visibility is always important. Clean the windshields and wipers regularly and make sure they are free of dirt, grease or any physical defects like cracks or nicks. Also make sure that there is sufficient windshield washer fluid in the washer bottle under your bonnet.

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Maintain your car lights

Car lights and fully working bulbs are extremely important during the dark evenings as your visibility depends on them. Check all the lights and bulbs and make sure they are ‘all’ in working condition. Don’t forget to keep the lenses clean and free from scratches or cracks. Even if a single light stops working or shows signs of damage such as constant flickering or dimming, then get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Check the brakes

Keep an eye out for any noise or vibrations when using the brakes on your car. After applying the brakes, if it takes longer than usual for the car to come to a halt, then get it inspected immediately by a qualified mechanic.

Routine maintenance is key

You should get a routine ‘vehicle inspection’ by your local mechanic every winter. Ask a mechanic to give your car ‘a once over’ to keep your vehicle in a good safe driving condition. This inspection will help keep your car running and in a good, healthy condition throughout the winter months. It will also help avoid you getting stuck with a sudden breakdowns or inconvenient faults and breaks. You need a reliable car, that you can be confident in, that when you get into it, it will start first time and get you to your destination safely and without incident.

Get good car insurance cover

Having good car insurance cover will make sure you are financially covered in case of any damages caused due to a bad weather accident or any other unforeseen events. So, it is vitally important to invest in a good car insurance Ireland policy that covers you adequately during winter driving.

Parting thoughts

Follow the tips above to help keep your car in good condition, this will ensure that you can be confident of safe responsible driving during the cold, damp winter months in Ireland. You should always be prepared for emergencies when driving during winter months. It is always a good idea to keep an ‘emergency kit’ in your car. It should contain essentials such as a torch, lighter, jump leads, a spare car jack, phone charger, pair of scissors, first aid kit, any essential medicines, dry snacks, drinking water, blanket, etc.

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