When it comes to car insurance, no one likes to spend any more than we need to. But, many times, we are not sure how to get the lowest quotes.

Remember dozens of car insurance companies are all interested in your custom. And many of them boast of ‘an astonishing range of cover options’, which makes it even more difficult for you to compare the different policy options and to ultimately find the lowest quotes for car insurance Ireland available to you.

Here are 5 things that you can do to get good coverage car insurance at the lowest possible rates available.

Best Price Car Insurance In Ireland by Britton Insurance

1. Check Insurance Cost when Buying a New Car

Most of us pay attention to elements like repair costs and fuel efficiency when choosing a new car. However, you must also consider insurance premium. Citroen C1, Ford Ka+, Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Micra are some of the cheapest cars to insure.

2. Secure Your Car

Fitting an approved tracking device, alarm or immobilizer can land you a discount of about 5 percent. Several newer cars come with these as standard. So be sure to check if your car has these features and then declare them to your insurance broker.

3. Think Twice Before Adding Young Drivers

Adding young, inexperienced drivers to your car insurance policy may seem like a good deal but in reality, it can be a costly addition, particularly when you have a higher-powered or large vehicle to insure.
The premium will most likely increase when you add a young driver to your car insurance policy as he or she will probably not have a ‘no-claims bonus’ to apply.

Best Price Car Insurance in Ireland by Britton Insurance

4. Use the Garage

If you’re using the garage for everything else but parking your car, think again!

Car insurance companies like it when vehicles are kept in the garage overnight, which can drastically lower your premium.

By keeping your car on the road, the risk of theft is higher. So when you keep your car in the garage, your premium is sure to come down. Remember to tell your insurance broker that your car is parked in a garage when not in use overnight.

5. Don’t Assume Any One Insurer is the Cheapest

Many insurance companies spend a lot of money on advertising to convince you that they offer the cheapest car insurance. But no single insurance company is the cheapest for every type of policy. What’s cheap for one person in one location could be expensive for someone else in another location.

The only way to find the lowest car insurance in Ireland is to compare quotes.

We understand that calling each insurer for a quote can be a tedious and complex task. It’s not the most efficient use of your time either. You might even get tired of the entire process after a few calls.

In Conclusion.

Our advice is to leave the job to our highly experienced team of car insurance brokers at Britton Insurance. We receive daily updates of the most current insurance premium from leading insurers. We compare up to 14 different companies to help you choose the best deal available to us, based on your individual requirements and circumstances.

Contact us today to compare the best car insurance rates available to us on the market.