Having a car insurance policy is mandatory in Ireland. At the very least, you must have third-party car insurance. Driving without car insurance is a criminal offence.
But what makes for a ‘good’ car insurance policy? How do you choose a policy that offers the best features and comes at an attractive premium?
In this post, we take a look at some of the important features to look out for when comparing car insurance in Ireland.

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Know Your Excess

Most car insurance covers have a policy ‘excess’, so be sure to check how much the excess is for different parts of the car. The excess refers to the initial part of a claim that you must pay out of your own pocket. You won’t be able to claim amounts lower than the excess listed on your policy. The higher the excess, the lower would be the insurance premium.

Understand What is Covered 

When choosing a car insurance in ireland, be sure to assess what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. A policy with the lowest cover may not always offer the best value for money. So be sure to compare different car insurance quotes and features to arrive at the best value cover to suit your specific needs.

Choose the Right Car Insurance Cover 

There are primarily three types of car insurance policies – third-party, third-party with fire and theft cover and fully comprehensive.
As the name suggests, third-party insurance only provides compensation for claims third-parties make for damage/injury you cause to them. This is the minimum required insurance to drive a car in Ireland.

A third-party, fire and theft policy, in addition to covering for third-party claims will offer compensations for damage/loss to your car as a result of theft/fire. But it does NOT cover accidental damage to your car.

A comprehensive car insurance policy provides maximum protection as it not only covers for damages you cause to third-parties, damage/theft of your own car but it also pays compensation for damages to your car, irrespective of what/who is responsible for the damage/loss.

Remember to closely compare the different options available to you and the related costs that they add to the policy price for your car insurance.

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Restrictions and Limitations

Check whether there are any restrictions on the policy. For instance, some policies will cover open driving (anyone can drive the vehicle with your permission within certain age limits and licence type restrictions) and some will cover only specific named drivers on the policy. Your premium may also be higher if any of the named drivers have a provisional licence. So be sure to check if the policy has a loading for named drivers with a provisional (learner) driving license.

When Looking for the Best Car Insurance Quote in Ireland, remember…

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