Car owners in Ireland are always selling their cars for a variety of different reasons. Getting a good price on a good car that fits your specific needs, should obviously be the primary objective. But often vehicles with prices that look ‘too good to be true’ usually are. Sometimes the owners are selling a car at what seems a ‘bargain price’ because the insurance and motor tax for the particular size of car is extremely expensive, due to age, high spec, engine size, etc. If you are about to buy a used car, then it is crucial to know how to choose the correct one (to fit your needs) so that you avoid an expensive motor insurance premium, when you go to insure it. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when you go to buy a used car in Ireland.

The Intended Use of the Car

When buying a used car, you may find it hard to choose since the options are endless. However, you need to put all emotions aside (favorite colour, make, sporty look, etc.). You need to focus on the practicalities of your requirements. If you need to do high millage to go to work each day, then you should consider buying a ‘fuel’ economical vehicle. If you need to carry large baggage or tools for your work, then you will need a car with good luggage space. The frequency of use and regular distances that you will be traveling should also be the significant factors to consider. If you are just using it for getting to and from work in and around town, then a small engine car should be sufficient. But if you have to travel longer motorway journeys day to day, then a more solid vehicle may be the way to go.

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Research Your Annual Motor Tax, Insurance And Maintenance Costs

It is NOT advisable to purchase a car without knowing the required recurring costs that you will need to pay, year on year (month to month). It is advisable to research the vehicle type that you are about to buy and find out the cost for annual motor tax, insurance and the estimated annual maintenance cost (tyres, repairs, service, etc.). You should also estimate your fuel cost (diesel or petrol) based on your estimated average weekly or monthly mileage. Having this knowledge will ensure that you know if you can afford to make all of the payment for, the car loan repayments along with the other motor tax, insurance, maintenance and fuel expenses month to month.

Take Your Time

It is crucial to research thoroughly and take your time to choose a car that works for you. Don’t fall for the sellers who tell you, “this is the last model in stock” or “several people are interested in the car”. This is their tactic to get you to rush, so that they can close the deal quickly. If you fall for this hard sell strategy without thinking twice, then you may end up buying the wrong car. Take time and shop around to ensure that you end up with the right car for you and one that you can afford along with the other annual costs and expenses.

Before Your Purchase Any Car, Make Sure You Enquire About The Car Insurance Options Available And The Costs Involved

For example, third-party insurance covers the cost of any damage you cause another person, their vehicle, or their property. However, it does not pay for the repairs of your car.
Whereas third-party, fire, and theft insurance covers everything in the third-party policy (above) in addition to fire damage and theft of your vehicle.
Fully comprehensive car insurance ireland includes all of the third-party protection above as well as all of the fire and theft cover mentioned above. In Addition, it also covers the cost to take care of the damage and repair of your car. You will need to weigh up the cost of the different premium type versus the risk and then decide the level of cover that you actually need and can afford.

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Background Check

Once you have found a car that you like, it is essential to do a background check. Find out why the seller is putting it on sale and check its paperwork. If the car is genuine, then agree to meet, but always go with a friend or family member. Remember to do your research on the type of car, year, make, model and the motor tax, insurance costs, as you will need to have the budget for these extras before you agree to purchase the car.

Take a test drive to confirm whether the vehicle is in good shape. During the test, check the inside and under the bonnet to verify that all is in good working order. If you don’t like it, then call it a day. But if it’s the car for you ! … then make an offer to the seller. If they accept your offer, then you can agree to process payment.

Remember when you are researching the vehicles insurance options and the cost for the different types of cover, you can always call us here at Britton Insurance. We would be more than happy to quote you for the required motor insurance, based on the car make/model coupled with your driving experience and individual circumstances. We can offer you the best prices available to us for your specific car insurance needs.

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