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Different people need different things from their home insurance, and therefore policies can be modified to suit every circumstance. All Risks is an optional extension which many policyholders take out to protect against loss, damage or theft of personal valuables. Items are usually of a higher value and typically include jewellery, designer or specialist clothing, laptops or digital items including photographic equipment, and sports equipment. This cover is for both inside and outside your home, and includes worldwide cover for items you take abroad for up to 60 days.

Whether you are a renter or owner-occupier, All Risks is available to you. There are two types of All Risks cover:

Specified All Risks Cover

This allows you to list individual items on your policy, and specify their individual value. Specified items often include jewellery, medical devices and aids, specialist bicycles, cameras and other valuables. Each item is covered up to the amount you insure it for.

Remember that any high-value item that is lost and is not listed, is not covered under the home insurance policy. Engagement and wedding rings shouldn’t be overlooked, as these can often be lost, damaged (for example missing stones) or even stolen when outside of the home.

Unspecified All Risks Cover

This is an umbrella style cover which allows you to select a total amount that your personal effects will be covered for each year. There is no need to list each item individually. This cover is designed for valuable personal items such as glasses, jewellery, mobile phones, handbags etc.

Certain limits apply to Unspecified All Risks cover – for example there may be a restriction of a maximum of €1,000 per item – so check the specifics of the policy you are looking at and ensure it meets your needs. 

Are there any exceptions?

Often, yes! If you have particularly expensive items, such as antiques or valuable artwork, you may need separate cover. Talk to an expert about specialist insurers who are available to serve this niche need. You may also find that if you only have one or two items you worry about, insuring them separately will be cheaper than adding all risks to your home insurance policy.

Talk to an expert

No-one wants to be left with insufficient cover in the event of a loss. Speaking with an experienced broker will make sure you know exactly what is covered – and what isn’t. With Britton Insurance, comparing home insurance quotes and policies is easy, quick and simple. Our quotation systems look for the best quotation available to us for your particular requirements from up to 10 Insurers across the insurance market.