Protect your mobile home when not in use pic

Mobile homes can be empty at any time of the year, but it’s more common to see them unused over the winter months. The cold, wet conditions can cause damage, so it’s essential to know how to protect it. Darker evenings can make it more susceptible to theft, and you’ll need good insurance in place should the worst happen. Here is a simple list of measures to take to protect your mobile home.

Drain the water system

Water expands when it freezes, and this can cause pipes to burst, damaging your property in the process. Drain the water system before the cold weather sets in if you are not using your mobile home or caravan during the frosty months. 

Insulate pipes if necessary

If you plan to use your mobile home year-round, one way to ensure the pipes don’t freeze is by adding extra insulation. Lagging and thermal insulation can be found in all DIY stores.

Check your insurance policy

Wet and windy winter weather increases the risk of damage to your home. If your mobile home isn’t insured, start researching the best policy for your needs. Using an experienced broker is a great way to find the right mobile home insurance policy at the right price. A comprehensive insurance policy will allow you to start on any repairs that may be necessary as soon as possible. Also, if you plan on living in the unit over winter, do let your insurance company know as it will impact your policy.

Eliminate causes of condensation

Damp and condensation can cause mould and other serious damage to mobile homes, so take all the steps you can to avoid it. Never dry clothes indoors, use a dehumidifier, and regularly air out the unit.

Keep on top of outdoor maintenance

Falling leaves can block your gutters, causing problems if the water can’t drain, so regularly clear them out. Secure any garden furniture to keep it from causing damage in storms. 

Clear out what you can

Give your mobile home a deep clean before locking it up for winter. Remove any food, and consider storing soft furnishings elsewhere to avoid the possibility of them becoming damp. Remove any valuable items to discourage break-ins.

Inspect the mobile home regularly

Keeping an eye on your property is the best way to spot if something goes wrong. If you can’t get to it yourself, see if you can appoint someone else to check on it regularly – ideally once a week.

Install high-quality locks

Many mobile homes – especially older ones – have quite flimsy locks on windows and doors. Ensure all locks are durable, and that every entry point is secure.

Anchor your mobile home with tie-downs

It seems that weather is getting wilder and while we don’t suffer from tornadoes in Ireland, we have seen very strong winds in recent years. Anchors or straps which tie down your property are a good idea, and are an essential requirement if you want to take out mobile home insurance cover. Remember to check them for wear and tear regularly.