Motor Trade insurance cover is based on a variety of specific pieces of information, but life does not stand still and these can change at any time. It’s easy to forget to update your insurance policies when there is a lot going on, but failure to do so could have consequences. As for all insurance policies, if the holder’s circumstances pertaining to the cover change, it’s essential to inform the insurer to avoid any possible disputes in the event of a claim. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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If you are involved in an accident or need to make a claim, let your insurer know straight away. This also goes for any named driver on your policy. You should also let them know even if you don’t intend to make a claim – send a letter but make it crystal clear that this is for their information only and should not be actioned.

Additional cover

Many businesses grow and evolve over time. If your motor trade firm has led to a second business, for example a builders, and you plan to use your vehicles for both, you’ll need to let your insurer know. Otherwise, if any damage or injury occurs before you have informed them, it may not be covered and will have an impact on your policy.

Another situation where additional cover may be needed is if the value of your stock has increased or you need a greater level of indemnity. Again, get in touch with your insurer to ensure adequate cover.

Change of premises

If the location of your business changes, let your insurer know. Similarly, if you take on additional premises, these will need to be covered by your policy too.

Contact details

These days we expect communication to be fast, meaning phones and emails have taken the place of letters through the post. So, if you change phone number or email address it’s crucial to let your insurer know as this is probably their primary means of keeping in touch with you. Failure to do so could result in a lapse of cover or delay in claiming.


From a driving conviction such as points on your licence for speeding to a more serious criminal conviction, if this applies to you or any driver listed on the policy, your insurer will need to know. Some more serious convictions, such as fraud or insurance fraud, may result in cover being removed from those individuals on a policy altogether. It’s ill advised to try to conceal these, as they will be discovered in the event of a claim and may render your policy invalid.

High-value items

Tools and equipment don’t come cheap and regularly need replacing. If you purchase new or additional kit, let your insurer know to ensure it’s covered on your policy

Named drivers

Colleagues in a business come and go. If the drivers listed on your policy change – either through employees leaving the business, or new ones joining – you will need to let your insurers know. Family members who work for the business may also need adding to or removing from the policy.

Type of vehicles

Motor trade insurance covers a range of vehicles from vans to recovery trucks. If you change the type of vehicles in your fleet to be covered, you’ll need to update your policy too.

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