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Having your own caravan can unlock a world of travel, all while surrounded by your own things. While the initial outlay can seem large, there are easy ways to save money. Bear in mind that the more you use your caravan, the more money you’ll save in the long term as the initial investment cost will be spread over a number of holidays.

When is the best time to buy a caravan?

The last thing on our minds during December are sunny summer holidays, which is what makes it the perfect time to get the best deal on buying a new caravan. Dealers are looking to clear their stock to make space for new vehicles arriving from March, so are more open to making a deal. However, once the new stock arrives there are more buyers looking to purchase, so March to May is the least recommended time to buy new – although there will be more second-hand caravans on the market.

What do you need to get in place before purchasing?

Take time to get all the necessary elements in place, in the months and even years before you want to buy your caravan. You’ll need to check that your car is capable of towing a caravan, so as the time comes to upgrade your car look into it’s towing capabilities.

Dealership or private sale?

Often it’s cheaper to purchase from a private seller, but if something goes wrong you may be less protected. Buying from a dealership gives you greater recourse, particularly if they offer a warranty. While a warranty may add to the cost, if the caravan develops a problem it will save you money in the long term. Also, if the dealer will not offer a warranty on the vehicle it could indicate an underlying issue that’s not immediately apparent.

Minimise running costs

Sticking to a mid-range, mass-market caravan will give you more choice (and therefore opportunities to save) when purchasing, and it will be easier and cheaper to find spare parts if you need them. Age is another consideration – an older vehicle will be cheaper to buy, but may have higher running costs. A well-looked after caravan has a lifespan of around 15 years: look for a serial number on the chassis then go to the manufacturer to find out the year and model.

How to save on insurance?

Maximising your security features will help reduce your insurance premiums. On the vehicle itself, add a hitch lock to prevent a thief from hooking up your caravan and towing it away. Also secure the windows and doors, using additional over-locks if possible, and fix wheels with a wheel clamp or lock. There is a range of alarms available, including motion sensor and tilt detection, and don’t forget to fix an alarm sticker in the window as an added deterrent. Storing it in a secure place will save money on your premiums, too and also protect it from deteriorating due to the weather.

Shop around for the best deal for your particular circumstances. Using a broker such as Britton Insurance will get you the best value for money on your caravan insurance. Our experienced insurance agents will work with you to understand your requirements and compare numerous different insurers to get you the best quote for you. We make sure your caravan is appropriately covered without compromising any of the benefits.

In a nutshell

  • Shop for new caravans in December
  • As for most things, buying second hand is cheaper than buying new
  • Check the towing capacity of your car
  • Choose a mid-range model to reduce the cost of spare parts
  • Store it securely and install as many security features as possible
  • Utilise the expertise of an insurance broker to get the best value coverage