Your van insurance is due for renewal and you’re wondering to yourself – how to insure a van in Ireland quickly and affordably?

As Ireland’s trusted van insurance brokers, we urge you to take some time to research your options to ensure you are benefiting from the recent sharp reductions in premiums on van insurance.

Over the last couple of years, van insurance in Ireland have been on the decline with almost 90% of motorists being offered a lower quote compared to a year ago.

So don’t simply ask: “how to insure my van”?

Ask: “how to insure my van whilst paying a lower premium?”

We’re glad you asked. In this post, we share some useful tips to follow when renewing your van insurance in Ireland.

Van Insurance Ireland-Britton Insurance

Plan Early

Most insurance companies tend to take advantage of the fact that most drivers panic and wait until the last minute to renew their van insurance, typically in the last week when their existing insurance policy is nearing expiration.

In contrast, the best time to renew your van insurance would be at least three weeks before the existing policy expires, as insurance companies are more likely to compete on price, given that you will have more time to allow us to shop around and get you the best deal.

So don’t leave it until the very last minute; rather plan at least 3 to 4 weeks in advance and you can be sure that we can research the market and endeavour to get you the best quotes available to us during this 3 or 4 week period.

Talk to an Insurance Broker

If you thought buying insurance directly from insurance companies guarantees you the best price, think again! Your insurance agent works for one particular insurance company and their loyalty stands with that individual insurance company.

So contrary to your belief, you might not be getting the best cover or premium when dealing with the insurance company in Ireland directly.

More to the point, when you are calling each individual insurance company directly for a quote can soon become quite cumbersome (repeating the same information over and over). You may soon lose patience or end up comparing only a couple of companies before making up your mind.

That’s where an insurance broker (like Britton Insurance) comes into its own. Insurance brokers are not tied up to any one van insurance company in Ireland. Their computer systems analyse and compare all of the different insurance companies’ policies and prices available to them. Their systems clearly identify the benefits of one company’s insurance policy verses another companies’ policy. Prices are compared versus the cover offered and benefits included. At Britton Insurance, we compare a broad range of what’s available on the insurance market in Ireland by reviewing quotes from up to 30 insurance companies, which allows us to get you the best deal on offer at any given time.

Van Insurance in Ireland by Britton Insurance

Consider Your Options

There are 3 main types of van insurance that you can buy. So it’s really important to consider all your options to find the option that’s best suited to you. Choosing the wrong type of insurance may not cover you in some situations and even cost you more.

  • Third party only – If you’re involved in an accident, a third party cover means that only the third parties involved in the accident are covered. You, on the other hand, may not make any claim for damage to your car.
  • Third party, fire and theft – This is similar to Third Party Only option, but this also covers you in case of attempted theft, theft or any damage occurring to your vehicle from fire.
  • Comprehensive – This option covers you for all the above situations while also covering for any damages that might have happened to your car.

Talk to Our Van Insurance Experts

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