The cost of driving in general can be expensive, especially if you are a young driver. The cost of car insurance is a lot more expensive until you are over 25 years of age. Why? Because the insurance market (in general) classify newly qualified young drivers, as inexperienced, more likely to have an accident and file a claim within two years of passing their driving test.

Finding low cost car insurance for new or young drivers can be tricky. However, it’s not impossible. Here are our top tips to keep your car insurance cost down if you are under 25 years of age.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Larger cars with large engines tend to attract higher premiums compared to those with small engines. Going for a small car with a small engine can help keep your insurance cost down. Steer clear of modified cars too as you will definitely pay extra on car insurance cover for a modified vehicle.

Improve Your Car’s Security

The safer your car is, the lower is the likeliness of accidents or theft. There are many ways to improve the security of your car.
Car immobilisers and steering wheel locks are good options to begin with. You could even consider adding car tracking systems.

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Add a Named Driver

Inexperienced young drivers can reduce their insurance cost by adding an experienced driver to the policy as a named driver. If a member of your family has a full driver’s license with many years of driving experience, consider adding them to your car insurance Ireland policy as this could reduce the overall premiums cost.

Sharing your car with them indicates that you will be driving less, which will reduce the risk of accidents, bringing down your insurance cost.

Reduce Your Mileage

Avoid making needless journeys. Lowering the number of miles you drive can have a huge impact on your insurance premium. The more you drive, the more the insurance company sees the potential for you to meet with an accident. When taking out your insurance policy you will be asked to outline / estimate your yearly milage. Be sure to give this a realistic estimate based on you not driving excessively (by keeping your millage down on a day to day basis).

Use an Insurance Broker

A broker can compare multiple insurance policies to help find the best young driver car insurance policy available to them in Ireland. At Britton Insurance, we compare up to 14 car insurers to help you find the best ‘low cost car insurance’ available to us on the market.
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