Applying for farm insurance presents many options. You’ll need to consider what type of insurance cover you need, public and employee liability options, as well as vehicle and equipment additions.

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Choosing the right insurance policy for your circumstances can be tricky, so we’ve collated a few things to think about while you’re choosing your farm insurance supplier.

Find a competitive quote

Once you have spoken to your potential supplier about all of your requirements, they will be able to give you a specific quotation. If you are being quoted for the same farm insurance cover and the same options, you obviously want the best value package.

You can also try to make your quote work for your budget – there may be extras you don’t need for your situation, and removing them could drive down your quote. But don’t slack on anything essential.

Consider any discounts available

If you use the same insurer or broker for multiple insurance policy types you may be offered a discount. For example, Britton Insurance can offer discounts on fees for farm insurance if you have other policies for your car, home, van or travel.

It’s worth choosing these options for additional value and peace of mind across your insurance policies, both business and personal.

Feel comfortable when you make a claim

You’ll get a good feel for your insurer or broker when taking out farm insurance over the phone. You want to know that the people helping you with any potential claims are friendly, efficient and care about getting the most out of your farm insurance.

Making a claim shouldn’t be confusing or intimidating, so make sure you find a reputable insurance company that will make you feel at ease. A broker can make a claim on your behalf once you have given them all the details of an incident, taking away some of the hassle of claiming.

Time is of the essence

Whether you’re looking for a quote for a new farm insurance policy, renewing your existing policy or making a claim, you want to know that your insurance supplier is able to act in a timely manner. If you don’t get a good sense of timing on your first contact, you may feel like any claims won’t be dealt with quickly enough.

Britton Insurance offers prompt, competitive quotes for farm insurance in Ireland and we don’t require farm visits to quote. Once our farm adviser discusses your needs with you they can generally provide a quotation within 24 hours during the business week.

Let someone else do the hard work!

The last thing you want when looking for a new farm insurance policy is the hassle of comparing everything yourself. If you’re using a broker, they will be able to help you out with finding the best value and cover for your circumstances.

Once you list everything you’re looking for, a reputable broker will find a suitable farm insurance policy and inform you of any optional extras that may be of benefit.

Since 1972, Britton Insurance has been providing farm insurance that’s bespoke to each situation. Our farm staff are all fully trained professionals and have teamed up with some of the leading insurers in the Irish farm market.