Buildings insurance or House Insurance Ireland provides cover for damage or loss of property owing to flood, fire, storms, subsidence and damage caused by the escape of oil and water. So ensuring that your home is adequately insured is vitally important.

This guide will help you to figure out ‘the best way’ to go about getting the right house insurance Ireland for your needs.

Calculating House Rebuilding Cost

When calculating the value of your property or the intended insured sum, be sure to consider the rebuilding costs instead of the market value of your home. Rebuilding cost is the sum you’ll need to rebuild your house from scratch.

The rebuild cost of your property would depend on a variety of aspects including the region its located in, the type of house that was originally built, its size, the materials used, the number of rooms it has, the wall and roof type. Don’t forget to account for garages/sheds/outbuildings and boundary walls on your property.

You can us the rebuilding calculator from the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland to work out the sum you must insure your property for. Be sure to make allowances for luxurious finishes like walk-in wardrobes, marble flooring and hardwood floors. You will also need to consider the materials, the cost of labour and the cost of site clearance.

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Calculating Home Contents

Replacing your home’s contents is an expensive process but it’s quite difficult to figure out what kind of home contents cover is adequate.
Your insured sum for contents must represent the total value of the belongings in your home. As a general rule of thumb, contents are all items that you’d take with you when moving home.

This will include clothes, furniture, personal belongings, carpets and other floor coverings, curtains and blinds, bed linen, electrical appliances like stereos, computer, TV, fridge, dishwasher, oven, microwave, greenhouse, etc.

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For a more precise sum, we highly recommend hiring an independent surveyor. Alternatively, our Home insurance consultants can help figure out the appropriate sum you should insure your buildings and contents for.

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