Under the Road Traffic Act of 1961, all drivers in Ireland must have car insurance. The cover is designed to shield you from liability or loss in the event of a road accident. If you have spent some time abroad, buying car insurance when you return to Ireland could be a complicated process. But here are a few time-tested tips on how to correctly present your driving history and apply for car insurance in Ireland.

No Claims Discount

Motorists with claims-free insurance records get a discount on car insurance. A policyholder can get a significant reduction in their insurance premiums after having years of driving without being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, most insurers are unlikely to give you a no claims discount if you had been insured abroad and have not held a cover in your name for the past two years in Ireland.

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Some Insurance Companies Do Consider Your Driving History From Abroad?

Car Insurance Companies take into account different circumstances when determining insurance premiums for returning emigrants. In 2017, the Department of Finance authorised insurance companies to take into account overseas driving experience if the applicant can provide evidence of accident-free driving.

Most insurers will consider driving history from Australia, EEA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, the USA, and South Africa. When buying car  insurance after your return, you might be asked to provide a claims-free discount statement, records of driving experience abroad, and a letter from your previous insurer with details of your last policies. You should check with your car insurance company from abroad before you finish up with them to see if you can get these documents from your insurer before you return to Ireland.

What If You Have Been Overseas For Less Than Two Years?

No claims discount records are valid for two years from the expiry date of your previous policy. If you have spent less than two years abroad, your no claims discount will apply based on the Irish driving experience in your name.

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What Can You Do If the Insurer Declines Your Application For Insurance Cover?

Individual insurance companies can refuse your car insurance for a reason under the Declined Cases Agreement. The Declined Cases Committee of insurance can help you get insurance cover if you have applied for insurance at least three times without success. You can also file a formal complaint against an insurer in Ireland through the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission.

We’ve Got Your Back

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