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First-time caravan or mobile home owners – and even more experienced ones – can find that getting the right insurance is confusing. It is important that you take the time to research your options to ensure you find a cover that’s right for you. Here are five questions looking at what cover you need, and what to include.

Are you touring or static?

In Ireland, there are two main types of mobile home/caravan insurance cover, and it’s important to choose the right one. The difference between insurance for mobile homes versus caravans is that some caravan policies need to include travelling on the road. On the other hand Mobile Home insurance does not necessarily need ‘touring cover’, as your mobile home is going to be situated on a permanent site. Mobile Homes are generally categorised similarly to a holiday home because they stay put in one location and subsequently require static insurance cover and not touring cover.

What do you need included in your cover?

Make sure you pick your cover based on your particular requirements. It’s highly recommended that your mobile home or caravan insurance covers the following:

  • Will you get the market value or a new-for-old replacement?
  • Are you covered for damage or loss due to theft, fire, storm and flood?
  • Do you need cover for touring in Europe?
  • Is contents cover included?

Do you know what is excluded?

Each policy has its own exclusions. So check:

  • Your mobile home’s awning is covered.
  • You are covered for any damage to the caravan whilst it’s being towed.
  • The full contents of your caravan/mobile home are covered and that you don’t have to itemise expensive items such as cameras, laptops, mobile phones, etc.
  • If the age of your caravan has any effect on the cover.
  • Whether the contents are or are not covered to a specific value or limit.

Are you prepared and aware of the risks?

Some touring caravans can be surprisingly large. Handling them can be difficult and cumbersome, especially if you are not used to the additional weight. Towing a caravan with a car can have risks and safety and vigilance need to be observed at all times, remember if your caravan becomes detached on a motorway, the consequences can be very serious.

There are many other risks to also keep in mind when you arrive at your destination. For example, remember to locate your caravan in an appropriate safe location and secure it well – you don’t want to have someone tow it away while you are away. Also, most mobile homes and caravans can be broken into easily, compared to a permanent structure like a house. So your contents are at greater risk when you’re on holiday in a mobile home or caravan.

Do you know where to get expert advice?

The best way to get the right mobile home insurance or caravan insurance policy at the right price is to speak to an expert. Remember that if you need any advice or assistance when choosing the right insurance policy for your mobile home or caravan, our insurance consultants are just a call away. We will find the best cover and premium available, to your specific requirements.