Buying car insurance in Ireland is a balancing act. You will want to choose a car insurance policy in Ireland that provides comprehensive cover and reliable service while keeping the premium low.

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Here are our top tips for finding the best insurance cover in Ireland.

Choose the Right Type of Cover

Car insurance in Ireland is categorised into three groups – third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive.

A third party cover offers compensation for injuries you may cause to another person and their vehicle.

A third party fire and theft policy not only provides third party cover but also covers against theft and fire.

A comprehensive policy offers all the benefits of third party fire and theft policy and also protects your vehicle. This is typically the most expensive type of car insurance cover.

Now consider your requirements to choose the right car insurance policy.

Compare Quotes

Be sure to compare multiple quotes.

A comparison provides you with the complete picture. You get to know your options so you can find and select the right insurance policy.

You could contact multiple insurers directly to get quotes or contact one single broker who will present multiple quotes for you to compare.

Check the Claims Process

Buying a policy isn’t enough. It must deliver when you want to make a claim. Be sure to understand the claim process of each insurer. An easy and simple claims process will make your life easier. So be sure to choose a policy that makes the claim process hassle-free.

Choose the Right Add-ons

Every car insurance policy offers add-on options. Be sure to compare these add-on covers when comparing different insurance policies and quotes. You will have the best insurance cover when you have the best add-on options in your kitty.

Value Your Car Right

When valuing our cars for insurance, most of us tend to inflate the price. Remember that at the time of a claim, your insurer will only pay what the car is actually worth at the time of the claim.

A higher value means a higher premium. So be sure to put a realistic value on your car.

The Bottom Line

Follow these handy tips to find the best car insurance cover in Ireland. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you purchase a policy.
Contact an insurance broker for a hassle-free experience. At Britton insurance, we compare up to 30 quotes to help you find the best car insurance in Ireland. Contact us today to get the best quote.

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