When you’re applying for farm insurance, especially for the first time, there will be many options available to you. 

If you are just looking for standard farm insurance, your property (including outbuildings) and your equipment will all be covered, as long as you declare everything that needs to be covered in your application. 

Public liability is also covered, in the event that any member of the public is harmed on your farm. 

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But what about vehicles such as tractors and trailers? There are several options available. If you want to talk to us about all the additional extras and variables then give us a call. Britton Insurance has a long established track record of providing competitive quotations for farm insurance, tailored to your specific needs. 

Fire and Theft

Tractors, trailers and other vehicles will be protected against fire and theft on your property as long as they have been declared on your insurance policy. That’s why it’s really important to let us know about all vehicles that are on your land. 

On the road

You will need to take out vehicle insurance (just as you would take out car insurance) if you are using any of your vehicles on public roads. The risks involved in using vehicles on farm land and road are different, therefore you also need to protect yourself and other road users against any damages or accidents. 

Any vehicle or piece of equipment that is road suitable must be insured for being on the road, if that’s how you intend to use it. You can just choose to have Third Party insurance for your vehicles on the road, but you must remember that this does not cover you as the driver or the equipment, should any accidents occur whilst driving on public roads.  


Most levels of farm insurance will cover trailers and other equipment that can be attached to farm vehicles. Because of the likelihood of towing large equipment, this is generally a standard option. But do talk to us about anything specific you may need to tow regularly, such as horseboxes or tractor trailers. These items will need to be insured both in transit and whilst stored on your farm, so make sure you declare them all at the time of getting your farm insurance quotation and policy. 


If you have a large number of vehicles that can be used by several employees, talk to us about fleet insurance options. This could save you money in the long run and you could even cover other vehicles such as cars.

The most important thing to remember about farm insurance is that there are multiple combinations of policies, so there is always one to suit your needs and circumstances. 

Britton Insurance is happy to take the stress out of building your farm insurance policy and we check to get you the most competitive price. 

We’ll manage everything to do with your cover and any claims, so you can feel confident that your farm, vehicles and equipment will be looked after.