With so many looking forward to staycations this summer, it seems like a good time to remind drivers how to stay safe on the road this summer.

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Long and short journeys can pose risks, so here are a few hazards to be aware of to reduce your risk of accidents and therefore car insurance claims.


There can be more motor bikes and bicycles on the road in the summer months. Always check for cyclists before changing lanes, turning or reversing. Keep a safe distance when passing cyclists on the road.

Mobile homes

It could be you towing a mobile home or a fellow road user towing – either way, you should always be aware of the additional weight being carried by a vehicle and prepare for unpredictable movement. Be careful when overtaking a towing vehicle and keep an eye out for brake lights to indicate slowing down – this will take longer in a heavier vehicle.


School holidays mean that children may be outside playing, walking or cycling on the roads or crossing roads. Keep an extra eye out for children when reversing, slow down in residential areas and keep your eyes peeled for footballs or other hazards on the road.


Summer getaways can cause heavier traffic on motorways, country roads and in town centres. Plan ahead to try to avoid commonly congested times, take into consideration the weather and the effects it could have on road users.


The glare of the sun can be dangerous and is comparable to driving in wet or icy conditions. Make sure your vehicle is well equipped to shade you from the sun – make sure visors are in good working order and windscreen wipers are working well to avoid additional visibility issues. Also make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses in the car at all times. Remember that the sun is a hazard for all other road users, so be cautious and considerate.


If you’re driving long distances, don’t be tempted to push through tiredness. Take a break every two hours, or sooner if you feel like it. Where possible, have a nap and continue your journey when you’re ready.

As well as additional hazards on the road in the summer, you should also consider your vehicle before embarking on a journey.

Always make sure your vehicle is roadworthy and if you have any doubts then do not head for the road! Check each of these regularly and before beginning a journey:

  • tyre tread and pressure
  • oil, water and fluid levels
  • headlights, brake lights and indicators
  • availability of warning-triangle, torch, hi-vis jacket, first-aid kit

When you’re on your way, make sure everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seatbelt. Always obey road signs and take extra care to look for signs when driving on roads you’re not familiar with.

If you need to review your car insurance before your summer staycation, talk to Britton Insurance. We offer fast, competitive car insurance quotes with your specific requirements in mind.

Most of all, enjoy your summer in Ireland!