Everyone’s insurance requirements differ, but it is worth noting that car insurance prices in Ireland CAN NOT be different for women and men. The European Commission put rules in place, in 2012 to stop insurers from considering gender when calculating insurance premiums.

Previously, when you looked for women’s insurance, you could get cheaper premiums compared to men. However, with the gender-based calculation out of the window, men or women can expect to receive the same treatment across the board.

Car insurance for women drivers in Ireland might not be a realistic question to search for anymore due to the fact that legally there is actually no difference in car insurance for men or women, but there are some things you can keep in mind when looking to find the best deal.

Switch Insurers

If you haven’t claimed in the past, it’s a good idea to switch insurers regularly. Better yet, use an insurance broker to find savings for you on the similar cover with a different insurer. Your broker will compare quotes from different insurers to find you a good deal.

Don’t Overvalue Your Car

A great way to lower your car insurance cost is to value your car accurately. Consider the current market value of your car and not how much it cost you.

When it’s time to make a claim, the insurer’s assessor will only look at the car’s current market value and not how much you paid for it.

Your insurance broker can help you calculate the current value of your car.

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Avoid Modifications

Avoid any modifications to your car unless you’re increasing its safety.

Even a simple modification like adding alloys can increase your premiums. Before making any changes, consider discussing with your insurance company or broker.

On the other hand, if a modification increases your car’s safety such as immobiliser or an alarm, it can help lower your premium.

Keep Your Licence Clean

Convictions or penalty points can increase car insurance cover for drivers in Ireland, be it men or women. If you drive safely and sensibly, you can expect lower premium.

Add Another Driver

Many drivers don’t know that they can get a discount by adding a partner/spouse to their policy. Some insurers offer a discount of up to 20% for adding a partner/spouse, so it’s worth considering.

Pay Upfront

Avoid paying your premium monthly as you will be paying interest. Paying for insurance monthly is akin to taking a high-interest loan. The interest rates can go as high as 20%. It is far cheaper to pay the full sum upfront.

Parting Thoughts

Looking for the best insurance rates in Ireland? Look no further. Here at Britton Insurance, we take the time to understand your requirements to help you find the right cover for you. Talk to us today!