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Purchasing a caravan is a big investment, so you want to make sure you choose wisely. Get the fundamentals right and you can look forward to many years of weekend touring and longer holidays both at home and abroad. Here are some things to consider before you buy.

Shop around

Don’t impulse purchase and buy the first caravan you see! If you are new to caravanning, all the gadgets and gizmos can be dazzling, but remember factors such as the layout and condition are more important.

Do your groundwork

Work out the layout that suits you best, then price various makes and models that fit the bill. Get an idea of market prices to know what is a good deal when you see it.

Pick the perfect layout

Think about who is going to use the caravan, and where. Decide the number of berths you need, and how much living space is comfortable. Will you mostly be visiting places where the weather is good, or will you need space to dodge the rain? An awning will add extra living space.

Don’t impulse buy

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! Stand firm against overzealous salesmen – don’t sign up for an offer that might not actually be quite right for you.

Be cautious of online auctions

There’s no doubt there are bargains to be had online, but only bid on a caravan you have actually inspected yourself. Check the vendor’s feedback and make sure they accept your prefered method of payment. Don’t get carried away and bid more than you can afford. Make sure all the necessary paperwork and checks are in place to ensure the sale is valid.

Check the condition

If buying a used caravan, be alert for damp – avoid anything that has moisture stains, mould, and a damp smell. Examine the body for dents, broken trim and bulging side panels. Excessive use of sealand and filler might also be signs of poor condition. That said, some older caravans have been well maintained and serviced, or hardly used at all, and are real hidden gems.

Get all the documentation in order

If buying new, ask about whether a warranty is offered and what exactly is covered. Ensure all the manuals for the gas, electrical and water systems are present, together with the owner’s manual and service history.

You’ll also want to get caravan insurance in place. While the law doesn’t require you to buy caravan insurance, a caravan is a big investment that you’ll want to protect from damage or theft. Your home contents insurance could provide some degree of protection but only if you have the right cover attached, for example for valuable clothing and goods you take outside your home (so including into your caravan). The actual caravan itself is usually not covered.

Therefore getting competitively priced caravan insurance is vitally important to protect your valuable investment. At Britton Insurance we source the best possible price available to us for your individual caravan insurance requirements. We can even offer immediate cover on acceptance of the quotation (subject to terms and conditions). Our quotation team can source the best quotation available to us from across the insurance market.