Car insurance premiums in Ireland for young drivers are generally high.

For insurers, statistics suggest that young drivers and teens pose a greater risk than older, more experienced drivers, hence the expensive price tag on young drivers car insurance in Ireland.

So what can you do to keep your car insurance policy cheaper than expected as a ‘Young Driver’.

Let’s take a look…

Avail of driving lessons discount

Some insurance companies offer a discount for young drivers who do their driving lessons with their accredited driving instructors and driving schools. Check out the insurance companies that offer a discount to “Named Drivers” who are added to an existing insurance policy if the young provisional driver signs up and pays for their driving lessons with their structured courses.
Some Insurers just give a discount for having completed your 12 lessons so if you have completed these make sure you are informing insurers so it can be taken into account when rating your policy

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Named Driver

Most insurance companies will offer you a premium discount when you have been driving as a ‘Named Driver’ on a family members insurance policy for a period of time. When you go to take out your own insurance policy order the named driving experience and let your broker or insurer know to apply this discount. Every penny counts.

Named driver experience shows your insurer that you have a good driving history, which can lower your insurance premium. Make sure you mention this when applying for your insurance, if a discount is available for this experience then it will be deducted from your policy quotation price.

Buy a Reliable and Safe Car

This is the easiest way to score a low car insurance quotes for young driver Ireland. You might be tempted to buy your dream car but that could result in a very expensive premium. Always price your insurance before purchasing a car as a car that you might feel should be cheaper to insurer may not be.
A safe and reliable car (low CCs) that has a lower risk of accidents and a higher safety rating will make you eligible for a lower premium. Stay away from imported vehicles as these equate for a lot of high premiums on the market. Choose a vehicle from this decade where possible as your choices are limited once the vehicle goes over a specific age and depending on insurer many won’t touch a vehicle over 15 years old.

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Sit your Driving Test as soon as you are Ready

Take to opportunity to apply and sit your test as soon as you are ready and have completed the required number of lessons. If you feel confident and are ready to take the test, then there is no reason to put it off. As soon as you get your full driver’s license, your insurance cost will start to come down especially if you can purchase your own vehicle and start your own insurance. The earlier you start this process the sooner the premiums will start to reduce as you build your no claims bonus entitlement.

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