The open road, taking your time to explore the country, wandering as you please all with the comforts of home – it’s no surprise that caravan ownership is as popular as ever. When you purchase a caravan, you become the proud owner of a valuable asset. While adequate insurance is of course essential, there are also simple steps you can take to protect that asset.

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1 Don’t leave valuables on show

Most owners will spend months – if not years – equipping their caravans to suit their individual needs. To see all this time, effort and money lost is heartbreaking. So don’t leave high value items where they can be seen through windows, and think twice before keeping treasured belongings in your caravan.

2 Store it securely

An ideal place to store a touring caravan is in a locked yard, but that isn’t an option for many owners. Park on your drive nose towards the house, so thieves can’t hitch it to a car easily, and fix it to a security post if possible. Empty out as many belongings as you can and leave the curtains open, so thieves can see there’s nothing of value inside. Also secure the windows and doors, using additional over-locks if necessary, and fix wheels with a wheel clamp or lock.

Lastly, adding a hitch lock prevents just anyone from hooking up to your caravan and towing it away.

3 Invest in an alarm system

We wouldn’t think twice about installing a security alarm on our homes or cars, yet around half of owners admit they do not have alarms on their caravans. There is a range of alarms available, including motion sensor and tilt detection, and don’t forget to fix an alarm sticker in the window as an added deterrent. And while you’re at it, check out the range of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms too, for added peace of mind.


4 Install a tracking device

If the worst happens and your caravan is stolen, a tracking device will let you know exactly where it is at all times on a map, usually via an app. Some even alert you if they detect movement, allowing you to react immediately and possibly prevent the theft in the first place. Trackers drastically increase the chance of you recovering your property after it has been stolen.

5 Register your caravan

Ensure your caravan is registered with CRiS (Central Registration & Identification Scheme), which proves you are the owner and stores ownership details centrally for the authorities to access. Protect your caravan with the VIN chip from CRiS, which is hidden in your vehicle and has unique details so you can be reunited with your property in the event of theft. And remember – keep the registration documents in the house and not the caravan itself!

6 Record the details

Taking photos of your caravan, including any distinctive marks, is a simple way to keep a record of your vehicle. Then, in the event of theft, you have a visual representation to pass onto the gardai. Marking items in your van, with UV pens or by etching, can also help reunite your belongings to you.

Following this advice will not only give you peace of mind and protect your property, you should also see a reduction in the cost of your premiums. For more information, get in touch with Britton Insurance. Our experienced insurance agents will work with you to understand your requirements and compare numerous different insurers to get you the best quote for you. We make sure your caravan is appropriately covered without compromising any of the benefits.