Owning a caravan or a mobile home is an amazing way of getting away and creating a home from home (when we are all able to of course). When restrictions ease, a caravan can offer the best staycation options at short notice. The same as you insure your house, you also need to insure your caravan.

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If you are considering buying a caravan, here are some things to think about when it comes to insuring it.

Do you need Touring or Static insurance?

Touring Caravan Insurance – this is what you will need if you plan on towing your caravan on the roads. Whenever your caravan is on the move, it needs insuring in addition to the vehicle you are driving.

Static Caravan Insurance – if you don’t plan on moving your caravan and it is kept in one place, static caravan insurance is the right cover for you. Your caravan is covered for theft, weather damage and accidental damage.

You can talk to Britton Insurance about your plans for your caravan and we can help you to decide which cover you need. We can also chat through optional extras, such as travel outside of Ireland.

If you do have static insurance and you need to change it to touring insurance, you can also do that.

What is covered by caravan insurance?

Accidental damage to the actual caravan is covered by your insurance. Generally speaking, your contents (such as furniture) will be covered, but make sure to discuss that and declare contents when arranging your caravan cover.

You will more than likely need additional personal insurance cover for items such as laptops or mobile phones for when you are visiting your caravan, or leaving those items there.

What additional cover should I look for?

There are optional extras and benefits you can apply for when looking for caravan insurance. Including:

  • Cover for unoccupied periods
  • Cover for vandalism or malicious damage
  • Aerials, fittings, fixtures and dishes covered
  • Cover for storm damage (the mobile home must be stayed/anchored to the ground)
  • Claim assistance

All of the above will help to make your cover more valuable, especially if you have a mobile home that may be unattended for a long period of time. It will all give you more peace of mind.

How can I get the best value cover?

If you’re unsure exactly what you’re looking for in caravan insurance, but you know you want the best price on cover, talk to us.

Our mobile home insurance specialists will consider your cover requirements and compare quotes from numerous insurers, making sure you get a policy suitable for your needs at the best price.

Remember, when you’re talking to us about your requirements, make sure you disclose everything and if anything changes once your policy is in place, let us know.

It is really important to make sure your caravan is insured whatever you plan on using it for. Damage or theft can occur at any time and you should think about it as a home. Don’t withhold any details when applying for caravan insurance quotes and should you need to claim, give as many details as possible of the incident that has led to your claim.