HOME 10 ways to protect your home

Securing your property is a priority for homeowners, not just to protect your belongings but more importantly the family that you share it with. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of taking appropriate home security measures, but experiencing a loss through burglary or damage can have devastating financial and emotional consequences. Read on to learn what measures you can take to protect your home.


  • Alarm system

A full home alarm system is an effective way to protect your home. It will discourage crime in the first place by scaring off burglars, and monitored systems will also send notification to your local authorities if someone tampers with your property. As with many home security systems, look for an option where you can download the app to your smartphone to monitor your home while away or switch it on when you are in the bedroom.


  • CCTV system

Installing a surveillance alarm system both inside and outside of your house gives you the ability to monitor your home remotely for 24 hours, even when you are not in the house.


  • Smoke alarm

Being alerted in the event of a fire is fundamental to minimising damage and saving life, so installing smoke alarms is essential. Carbon monoxide – while not damaging to a property – poses a very real risk to life so should also be installed. Some security systems can be connected to your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms, notifying you if they go off when you are away from home.


  • Video doorbell

A smart video doorbell lets you view, listen and speak to visitors, even when you are not at home. This means you can check who is at the door before you answer it, and also speak to delivery drivers when you’re not at home. Motion activated lights, that switch on if someone is walking around the perimeter of your home, are also a useful deterrent.


  • Secure windows and doors

Add locks to windows and think of upgrading doors, maybe with multiple locks, to maximise security. And remember to lock up when you go out – nearly a quarter of summertime burglaries involved entry through an unsecured access point. 


  • Use timers

Plug lights into timers so they come on at regular intervals, even when you are at home. During vacations, consider plugging a radio or other devices into a timer, to generate noise at specific times of day.


  • Guard dog

If you are able, getting a dog which will bark if an intruder is approaching your home is a great deterrent.


  • Store keys correctly

Burglars can reach through doors and windows if keys are kept within reach, so position them away from access points. 


  • Install electric gates

Rural properties benefit from electric gates, deterring break ins in the first place and also preventing thieves removing large items from the house. Locked gates will prevent them from taking your vehicles and will also stop them pulling a van into your driveway to load up your property.


  • If all else fails – fake it!

Deterring crime is a big factor in protecting your home – if your property appears well-protected burglars are likely to move on to an easier target. Fix a dummy alarm box or CCTV camera to your home if you aren’t able to invest in the real thing – you can find them easily online. If you can’t keep a real dog, hang up a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign anyway.

One of the benefits of maximising your security features is you should qualify for a discount on your home insurance. The cost of homeowner’s insurance can vary in price depending on your coverage, location, type of home, payment options, and other factors. Improving the security of your property will encourage many insurance companies to offer you a discount. At Britton Insurance we are here to make the process of getting a home insurance policy easy and hassle-free. Over the years, we’ve built special relationships with all leading Irish insurers. This means we can offer fantastic policies at great prices.