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Why bother comparing those cheap quotes?

Why bother comparing those car insurance quotes?

With many small brokers around Ireland essentially having very similar panels of insurance underwriters, why would you bother spending so much time to compare quotes from broker to broker or insurance provider to insurance provider? Well brokers have admin fees which would normally be one concern. Some brokers now waive this adminstration fee in order to treat car insurance as a loss leader. This makes it worthwhile to shop around because this lack of admin fee can be as much as 100 euros in some cases. The reason some brokers remove it entirely is because of the opportunity it gives to them to offer you different insurance products. Similar to life insurance, some brokers will offer you the first year or two free for this type of policy, get you on board and hopefully then sell you many other types of insurance to give you a bundle discount. It would be their intention then to retain you for all products including car, home, van insurance to make up any losses given by their offers and inevitabely then turn a profit.

So if you can find that niche broker with the right panel of insurers for your specific criterea while at the same time having no administration fee then you could save many hundreds of euros. Generally then you can have a bundle discount if start to move all your insurance policies over to the same insurer. This gives better value to you as a consumer and of course more profit for the insurance company you eventually choose.

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