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Car Insurance Due for Renewal in Ireland?

When your car insurance quotes are due for renewal you will expect a letter in the post from your Insurance Broker/Company. We all know the first thing that comes to mind is

"How Can I get it cheaper" not even thinking am I getting the right cover for my needs & what the policy includes & excludes. So bearing that in mind these are great points when shopping the market for a cheaper price.

Do I Need Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft Or Third Party Only

** Does it include or exclude - Windscreen - Step Back Bonus - Protected No Claims Bonus - 24hr Breakdown service - 24hr Claims Assist - Replacement Car after accident - New for Old

** How many year No Claims Bonus am I entitled to??

** What is the Policy Excess?? Now do I know what all of the above mean??? Here is a brief explanations

** Comprehensive - in event of accident covers damage to your car

** Third Party Fire & Theft - only covers the Third Party's car in event of accident & Fire & Theft of your car - Windscreen replacement - Step Back No Claims Bonus - in event of a claim will loose some years of your No Claim Bonus - Protected No Claims Bonus - in event of a claim will not loose any years no claims bonus - 24hr Breakdown - if I breakdown covered ( but every company has different breakdown levels so ask terms) - 24Hr Claims Assist - 24hr phone line for advise & assistance - New for Old - In event of accident will I get replacement car ( every company have there own terms & conditions)

** No Claims Bonus - how many year have I been insured in own name without any claims - will get a discount & the scale is usually from 1-6years year.

** Policy Excess - In event of accident what is the excess amount

So which ever Policy you decide to go for hopefully you will have a better understanding of the covers & benefits available to you on that Policy. This will prove that the cheapest Policy is not always the best policy & for the sake of an extra few pounds you could get a protected No Claims Bonus so in the event of accidents you have the piece of mind that your next renewal premium is going increase due to loss of No Claims Bonus. Most Third Party Policies does not include windscreen cover but for an extra premium you could include it for as little as 20 you could include it which is alot cheaper than replacing the windscreen yourself as it is usually in excess of 150e to replace any windscreen, this again would be a huge saving in the event of a windscreen replacement. There are many options for customers out there who are shopping the market for cheaper Insurance eg. Insurance Brokers, Insurance Companies, Web etc. We at Britton Insurance are here to help all our clients find the best tailored policy for their needs at the best price.

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